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Are you interested in consulting? Read about us. 

Meet the officers:

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Abhinav Arun
Outreach Officer

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Takeshi Komar
Logistics Officer


Art Li
Vice President of Logistics

Ryan Hurrell

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Hollis Wilkins
Vice President of Case Competition


Ashley Anderson
Faculty Advisor 

The Texas A&M Consulting Club (TXCC) serves as a platform for students to develop a consulting mindset. The primary role of this organization will be to provide members with opportunities to network with industry professionals as well as build experience through case studies and competitions. The ultimate goal is to provide students with a strong knowledge and create a healthy pipeline of students entering professional consulting opportunities.


To accomplish the organization’s purpose, the club will hold meetings that involve lessons, guest speakers, and practice cases. Additionally, the Texas A&M Consulting Club will plan and host the Mays TAMU Case Challenge at the beginning of each semester.


Any student desiring to heighten his/her knowledge of consulting and professionalism has the right motivation to join the club. The Texas A&M Consulting Club is open to all majors to promote a diversity of knowledge, opinion, and experience.

Dr. Kathryn King founded the Texas A&M Consulting Club to allow the students at Texas A&M to have the opportunity to host a competition analogous to the Harvard Business Competition. In addition, Dr. King sought to provide Texas A&M students with a strong skill base to compete in national and international case competitions.  Therefore, the development of the Texas A&M Consulting Club was completed and will be open to all Texas A&M students in the Fall of 2017. 

Anna Scharpf, Taryn Sobey, and Antonio Carreno structured the organization in 2019 to create a more impactful learning experience. Anna, Taryn, and Antonio, with the officer team, created the first Consulting Club handbook at Texas A&M in 2019. The interactive handbook is a guide on how to get a career in consulting outlining behavioral interviews, case interviews, case frameworks, networking in different kinds of environments and situations, career fair, proper business etiquette, and more. This helped propel growth in the club by reaching more students and grab attention at Texas A&M to focus more on consulting. 

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    Dr. Kathryn King              Anna Scharpf                 Taryn Sobey              Antonio Carreno

Past Officer Teams

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Creators of the TXCC Handbook

Anna Scharpf, President - Accenture

Taryn Sobey, V.P. of Logistics - PWC

Antonio Carreno Torres, V.P. Case Competition - Deloitte

Ali Khan, Treasurer

Mariana Hernandez, Logistics Officer

Jada Benson, Case Competition Officer

Kenton Stehr, Outreach Officer

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Miguel Kane, President - PWC

Thanh Lee, V.P. Case Competition - Accenture

Antonio Carreno Torres, V.P. Professional Development - Deloitte Taryn Sobey, V.P. Marketing - PWC

Anna Scharpf, V.P. Logistics - Accenture

Jared Rejsek, V.P. Finance 

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Madalaine Stulce, President - PWC

Lauren Moore, V.P. Marketing - Accenture

Madeline Rios, V.P. Finance - Protiviti

Thanh Lee, V.P. Case Competition - Accenture

Antonio Carreno Torres, V.P. Professional Development

Sarah Dana, V.P. Internal Affairs - Partners Group

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