Enhance your professional development with our weekly meetings.

Corporate world is unpredictable as compared to University life. We understand and know the syllabus and the consequences of everything done and ignored. But it is not so in the corporate world.


Understanding the term Professional Development:

Professional Development is linked to improving and proving oneself time and again in a professional situation like a webinar, seminar, conference or meetings. In reality, there is a major chunk of professional impact is gauged on the informal meetings, greetings and work. Professional Development is all about assisting the team in an optimal way whenever the situation calls for it.


Importance of Professional Development:

It is analogous to a child starting to talk. A child has all the required physical abilities to grow up but it has to learn to talk to interact with the world and convey its needs clearly. Similarly, you might have all the technical skills needed but without communication skills you wont be able to convey and implement it. 

This helps you gauge yourself and be able to show how you are a cultural fit to the company and would help you crack the interviews.

You would be able to take ownership of your career, understand trends, be effective in the workplace, help, influence and lead others by example.


How will Consulting Club help me?

We would keep meetings which would provide meaningful insights into professional development and the corresponding impact in your career. You would also be provided the opportunity to collaborate with Consulting professionals increasing your network and to learn from their experiences.


Always remember this. "Every obstacle is an opportunity - all you have to do is Seize it!"

Partake in speaker meetings, networking with consulting professionals, prepare for cases, and have fun while doing it.